Welcome to the J9 Ecosystem.


The J9 ecosystem comprises of 3 interrelated platforms:

  • J9 Media - A sports, esports, & crypto betting platform.
  • J9 Casino - A licensed metaverse hotel and casino.
  • J9 Metaverse - A sports, esports, & crypto betting metaverse(coming soon).
The J9BC utility token powers the entire ecosystem and is the sole form of currency within the platforms.

About J9BC Token

The biggest difference between J9 and traditional gambling sites is that players can earn passive income by owning J9BC token. The full name of J9BC is Just Bet, which is a digital currency issued by J9 based on blockchain technology to share the bonus of platform growth with players. As a unified token for the J9, J9BC has created a more fun game environment and higher revenue. J9BC holders not only get higher event bonuses, but also enjoy the daily fixed bonuses distributed by the platform. The more J9BC they hold, the higher the bonuses. In the future, as the J9BC continues to decrease, the price of the J9BC continue to increase. Players who hold J9BC for a long time can obtain excess profits in the future.

J9 Media

J9.io – FIBA GLOBAL PARTNER. The lastest sport news for J9 users.

J9 Casino

J9 globalization is our important strategy for the better future,J9 aims to provide the world-class gaming experience to the global users. Digital trending wave is sweeping the entire industry, We - J9 will inevitably provide our users the best meticulous, safe and secret services. Having open mind, dedication, innovation, and fairness and justice, J9 been trusted and supported for a long time to create a win-win future. J9 is the first leading online betting brand in crypto currency field. Its main products including live video betting, online betting, sports and electronic games, and platform access, providing global entertainment enthusiasts with safety, fair and stable platform , provide one-stop services in order to create a brand new entertainment experience with diversity. Privacy and the safety of clients’ information always is J9’s priority caring. Adhering to J9’s 9 years of successful experience and continuous innovation and enterprising spirit, we provide users with ultimate security, the most stable network, smoothly deposits and withdrawals, and unlimited withdrawals. The official credit backing, relying on the future trend, aims to lead the trend of gambling, create a new situation of blockchain combined with traditional gambling, become the first choice of global winners.

J9 Metaverse

Coming soon
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